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Large enough to offer the full array of taxation, bookkeeping and accounting services but small enough to know you on a personal level

We've been providing the highest level of personal and friendly client service possible since 1982. We know our clients by their first names when we bump into them on the street.  And more importantly, they're happy to see us... that's the real test of customer service.

Alito Accounting serves:

  • individuals;
  • business and companies;
  • trusts;
  • partnerships;
  • self-managed super funds; and
  • non-profit organisations.

What does 'Alito' mean? 

Alito was created in 2007. I wanted to develop a brand identity that reflected what we wanted to be doing with our clients. We were providing a lot of business improvement & business growth services & it seemed somewhat limiting to just be 'accountants'.

The word 'Alito' was created as the short form of "shining a light on your business" - A Light On - Alito. The dot over the i in the logo represents the light we shine on your business - meaning the analysis & investigation we do as your business advisors - not just plain old accountants. I want to know your business better than you know your business. I want to be able to discuss your business with you - not just crank out your annual financials & the tax return for your business.

I talk ask clients whether they would let a dentist who has no experience drilling teeth, drill theirs. The vast majority of accountants in Australia work for someone else - they do not have their own business. They have no experience yet business owners let they accountants drill their business.

Alito - a light on your business.

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